Chimneys Plus offers a variety of different accessories for your woodstove, fireplace, or chimney. Below are a few of our most popular accessories. If there is something specific that you would like, or feel you need, please contact us. In most cases, we can get exactly what you need delivered to you if we do not have it in stock.


Any time you have a fire, you should keep a Chimfex nearby. Chimfex is a necessary safety precaution. Hopefully you’ll only ever have to buy one, but in the case of a chimney fire, you can throw the stick into the fire, and it will smother the fire out above.
Since fire needs oxygen to continue burning, Chimfex is filled with sulfer. When the stick begins to burn, thick clouds of smoke choke off the base of the chimney for several minutes, causing the fire in the chimney flue to starve for oxygen.
Creosote Remover

Creosote Remover is a powdered substance that can be sprinkled into the fire once a week or so. The chemicals react with the creosote in the chimney and cause the creosote to break away from the walls. This is not to substitute for your annual cleaning, but it acts as a preventative measure to keep creosote from building up.
Fire Squares

Fire Squares are a great firestarter. Using a compact structure, they burn for several minutes. Often times only one starter can get the whole fire going!


Rutland Products

Chimneys Plus also offers a variety of other accessories for all of your needs. Brick & Stone Cleaner, Glass Cleaner and Paint are just a few of the accessories that we carry. Call us to find out what we carry to fulfill your needs.