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Keith Brescia Chimneys Plus

In 1989, Keith Brescia began working at a local chimney & stove shop as a chimney sweep & stove installer.
He learned a great deal about the business, and took his work to heart, always putting his best effort forward. He completed certification training for several wood stove manufacturers, eventually becoming a head installer for the company.


He ended up leaving that company in 1992 for a better opportunity at the time, but the business stayed with him.
In 1995, Keith was offered the opportunity to start his own chimney sweeping business. Recognizing a great opportunity and still having a passion for the business, he took advantage of it.


Working out of his home in Bethel, CT with his wife, Toni, as his secretary, Keith established Chimneys Plus

Armed with a set of used cleaning rods & brushes, a ladder and a 1989 Nissan pickup truck, Chimneys Plus quickly took off, building an ever increasing customer base for chimney & stove cleanings as well as wood stove, fireplace & pellet stove installations.


As the business grew, Keith began getting more and more requests for masonry chimney repairs, chimney rebuilding, and new chimney construction. Being something that had always interested him, and looking to expand his business services, Keith spent the late 1990’s and early 2000’s mastering his craft in masonry, attending several master masonry courses around the country.
The skills learned at the courses & workshops, combined with the years of practice in the field have established Chimneys Plus as the premier chimney masonry company in Southwest Connecticut. Their work speaks for itself on every job performed, no matter how big or small.


Keith Brescia Chimneys PlusKeith built Chimneys Plus on the basis of his own integrity. He realized that the chimney business can often carry a bad reputation, because there are many “scam artists” in the business. Much of that comes from the common home owner having little education about their chimney system, which makes them easy to sell & charge for services that they don’t need.


Knowing that this is the case, Chimneys Plus has made sure that their customers fully understand not only WHAT work needs to be done, but also WHY it needs to be done.
Whether it is preventative maintenance or emergency repair, you will be educated as to what exactly is happening in the situation, and what your best options are to make it the best situation for you and your home.


To this day, Keith is still fully involved in the business, making sure that every job is done to the highest level of quality, while training the next generation of professionals to allow Chimneys Plus to offer services to more customers on a regular basis.