Chimney Inspection & Consultation

Chimney Inspection & Consultation


At Chimneys Plus, we make every effort to insure the safety of not only your chimney, but your home. While the chimney is often overlooked as a source of problems with the home, very often it can be causing damage that is not seen until it’s too late.
Chimneys Plus CT Water Rot

When the chimney begins deteriorating, it can lead to water damage in the walls around the chimney, which can in turn lead to mold, mildew, and rotting of the walls and structure of the home.

The chimney and firebox itself can also become unsafe when there are cracks or deterioration on the inside of either. A chimney structure that is compromised can be a major fire hazard.
Chimneys Plus Bethel CT Cracked Flue Tile

For these reasons, we have created our patented 19-Point inspection. We offer the inspection as a service by itself, but we also include this inspection on every sweeping or service job that we complete.
Chimneys Plus CT Cracked Crown
Below, we have listed each of the points that we cover in our 19-point inspection. We check everything related to the chimney so that we can properly inform you about the condition of your chimney as it relates to the safety of you and your home.
We will always discuss with you any issues that we may find with your chimney, and make you fully aware of any improvements or maintenance needed, as well as costs of the job, before beginning any additional work to your home.

Chimneys Plus’ Patented 19-Point Inspection


Crooked Flue TIles
• Inspect Chimney/Fireplace for Water Leakage
• Inspect Chimney for Degree of Creosote Buildup
• Inspect Firebox for Cracks
• Inspect Chimney Lining for Cracks
• Inspect Firebox for Deterioration
• Inspect Chimney Lining for Deterioration
• Inspect Mantel for Fire Hazards/Code Violations
• Inspect Hearth for Fire Hazards/Code Violations
• Inspect Damper Functionality


Cracked Chimney Crown
• Inspect Chimney Cap
• Inspect Crown for Cracks
• Inspect Crown for Loose Cement
• Inspect Crown for Water Penetration
• Inspect Chimney Exterior for Deterioration
• Inspect Chimney Exterior for Spalling
• Inspect Chimney Exterior for Repointing Needs
• Inspect Flashing for Resealing Needs
• Inspect Flashing for Proper Water Deflection
• Check that Chimney meets Proper Height Standards