Wood & Pellet Stove Servicing

Wood & Pellet Stove Servicing
Chimney Through The Roof

If you don’t have a fireplace or masonry chimney, Chimneys Plus will still take care of you. Whether your wood stove is not operating properly, or you just need a simple chimney cleaning, our professionals will troubleshoot your issue and offer the best advice that we can to solve the problem.
Having issues with your pellet stove? Not getting support from your dealer? We have trained professionals to look over the stove, test out the issues, and offer advice on what the next step should be. Sometimes replacement parts are needed, and sometimes it is a simple cleaning.

**DISCLAIMER: If the issues are with a Regency Product, we can easily get replacement parts and service the product. If your product is a brand other than Regency, we recommend that you first contact the dealer that you purchased the product from. If you are not getting your issue resolved, we can make an appointment (for a fee), to come and look at the stove. We offer NO guarantee that we will be able to fix the stove, however, we will always try our absolute best to diagnose the problem.
In some cases, parts will be needed, and they will have to come from the manufacturer or a retailer of that manufacturer. If parts are needed, there may be a delay in fixing the product, depending on how fast the parts come in. In some cases, we may ask you to order the parts through your local dealer, if we do not have an account set up with them.