Chimneys Plus Guarantee

Chimneys Plus GUARANTEES that if for any reason, should you not be satisfied with the work completed at your home, we will re-service the area at no extra charge to you.

Chimneys Plus Guarantees:


Up-Front Pricing: All costs will be discussed with you up front. There will be no extra fees to a job unless otherwise discussed. (In some cases, we need to price a job in phases.)
Honest Consultation: We have an extensive background of training and knowledge, and we do our best to not only make you aware, but also educate you on the situations past, present and future that can occur with your chimney & home. The chimney tells us what it does or does not need, and we will transfer that information to you.
Trustworthy Professionals: We treat your home as if it were our own.
Cleanliness: When the job is completed, your home will never know we were there.
Satisfaction: You’re completely satisfied with the job, or we will continue working at it until you are.
Communication: If you have any questions about the work done at your home before, during, or after the job, you can contact us at any time to discuss, so that you are completely comfortable with our services.

Call us at 203-744-3561, any time from 8am-6pm with any questions.


It is the intent of Chimneys Plus to build happy, loyal, lifelong relationships with our clients.


We build relationships through the following methods:
• Chimneys Plus will serve you honestly, ethically, competently and objectively.
• Chimneys Plus stands by the quality of our work. We will not compromise our professional integrity in any situation.
• Chimneys Plus will always maintain an attitude of professionalism, respect and proper behavior towards you and your home.
• If for any reason you feel that we have fallen short of anything listed above, please contact me, Keith Brescia, President & Owner of Chimneys Plus, and I will do what is necessary to make things right.